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Spring Snows
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A spring snow goose hunting season will open across Saskatchewan from April 1st to April 29th, to assist in reducing the overabundant snow goose population that is causing damage to northern habitats.

Electronic calls with snow goose vocalizations will be permitted during this conservation season. A daily bag limit of 20 snow geese with a possession of 60 will be in effect.

Snow goose hunters require a  federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Habitat Conservation Stamp.

A number of scientific studies have indicated that snow goose populations in North America have tripled over the past few decades. Current breeding estimates for lesser snow goose populations exceed five million birds. This growth trend has a significant negative impact on the fragile arctic ecosystem, threatening the long-term sustainability of snow geese, arctic plant communities and other wildlife. Increased crop damage has also occurred on the prairies. Similar management actions have been adopted in various other jurisdictions to help reduce the population size.

This expanded spring snow goose hunting season does not extend to the Ross's goose, which resembles a small version of the white phase of the snow goose. A Ross's goose can be distinguished from a snow goose by its smaller size, higher pitched call, lack of blue phase birds (all Rossís are white), and bumps at the base of the bill. In contrast, snow geese are larger, and their flocks typically contain numerous blue phase birds. Rossís geese are most common in western Saskatchewan.

April 1 Ė April 30, 2009

3 day hunts available

 Hunt All Day for Snow Geese

Limits 20 daily, 60 possession


Spring Snow Goose Hunting Packages:


Group size Price Per Gun per Day
4-5 $300
6-7 $250
All inclusive $1600 per gun 3 day  


Youth 16 & Under 1/2 price


3 Day Minimum (Monday-Wednesday or Thursday-Saturday)


Gratuity not included


Licence $20


Group size 4-8 Hunters






What to Bring


The Alberta Professional Outfitters Association has negotiated set prices with Air Canada. From most major locations in the States to Saskatoon.  We will make all of the airline reservations at no additional charge if you wish, or you can make your own.


The suggested tip would be 15% of your trip price.




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